Build A Rocket Boy Layoffs Staff In Multiple Departments [UPDATED]

Build A Rocket Boy Layoffs Staff In Multiple Departments [UPDATED] - Blog - NewsBuild A Rocket Boy Layoffs Staff In Multiple Departments [UPDATED] - Blog - News

Build a Rocket Boy Studios Experience Layoffs

UPDATE: Build a Rocket Boy has confirmed to Insider Gaming that they will be laying off employees. The studio didn’t reveal the exact number of people being let go.

ORIGINAL: Build a Rocket Boy, the studio founded by Rockstar North president and Grand Theft Auto producer Leslie Benzies, is holding layoffs. According to a new report, the studio is laying off an unknown number of employees across multiple departments, including publishing, QA, and art. The layoffs were announced internally on Monday.

Details: Founded in 2018, Build a Rocket Boy is currently working on two games: “Everywhere” and “Mindseye”. “Everywhere” was first revealed back in 2022 and held a closed alpha in December. Meanwhile, “Mindseye” is described as a “story-driven action adventure keyboards that involves futuristic vehicles and weaponry, corporate and government conspiracies, and sinister new technologies.” Neither keyboards has been announced for a release date.

Comment: Insider Gaming reached out to Build a Rocket Boy directly for their perspective on the report. The article will update with any response received.

Silence from Build a Rocket Boy: As of publishing, the studio has not yet commented on the reported layoffs.

Impact: What are your thoughts on Build a Rocket Boy holding layoffs while both games are in production? For more Insider Gaming, read about the recent PlayStation 5 news.

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