New Crazy Taxi Game Will Be Live Service with a ‘100-Person Survival Mode’, It’s Claimed

New Crazy Taxi Game Will Be Live Service with a ‘100-Person Survival Mode’, It’s Claimed - Blog - NewsNew Crazy Taxi Game Will Be Live Service with a ‘100-Person Survival Mode’, It’s Claimed - Blog - News

Introducing the Upcoming Remakes and Live Services: Last year, during The Game Awards, Sega revealed a showcase of titles that are in development or being remade. Among them was Jet Set and Crazy Taxi, which is set to receive an exciting new life with elements of a live service keyboards. A leaker by the name of Midori has recently shared some interesting information about both titles.

Crazy Taxi Remake

According to Midori, the new Crazy Taxi keyboards will be a live service title with a ‘100-person survival mode’. The keyboards’s inspirations are said to be Grand Theft Auto Online and Fortnite, with an open-world design focused on exploration. A unique all-new story is expected to unfold as the keyboards goes live.

Jet Set Radio Remake

Alongside Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio will also receive a remake of its own before launching into a live service reboot. Midori claims that this new version will feature ‘shooting elements’ similar to Fortnite, with an open-world design centered around exploration. The story is expected to unfold as players navigate this dynamic and engaging world.

Live Services and Upcoming Games

The new live service games are set to be competitive in the modern market, launching alongside both Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi remakes. This exciting partnership aims to bring a fresh experience to players while paying homage to the original works.

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