GTA Trilogy Hits 18 Million Downloads on Netflix Games

GTA Trilogy Hits 18 Million Downloads on Netflix Games - Blog - NewsGTA Trilogy Hits 18 Million Downloads on Netflix Games - Blog - News

GTA Trilogy Achieves 18 Million Downloads on Netflix Games: A Milestone in Gaming

According to from, the GTA trilogy has reached 18 million downloads on Netflix Games. The report cites Appmagic data for downloads on iOS and Android.

– Dec. 2023: GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition released

– Steep increase in downloads since the new mobile version’s release

– Fans praise the superior changes compared to previous Definitive Edition (from 2021)

GTA Trilogy on Netflix Games

  • – GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas
  • – Combined downloads for San Andreas command the majority of players on Netflix Games (11.6 million)

Netflix Games

– GTA Trilogy now leads the Netflix Games chart for most lifetime downloads

– Vice City is in tenth place

Netflix Games Boosts Revenues

– Mobile titles haven’t drawn the same level of buzz as Netflix hoped for

– Earns goodwill from subscribers

news or discussion”>Future Titles:

– The GTA series faces obstacles, such as leaks for gta 6

– Hacker behind the leaks in Dec. 2023; Rockstar Games express interest in collaboration

– Stay tuned for updates on Until Dawn’s potential move to PlayStation 5 and PC

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