UK Retailer ‘GAME’ To Stop Trade-Ins, Prompting Concern

UK Retailer ‘GAME’ To Stop Trade-Ins, Prompting Concern - Blog - NewsUK Retailer ‘GAME’ To Stop Trade-Ins, Prompting Concern - Blog - News

GAME to Cease Accepting Trade-Ins: The End of an Era for British Video Games Retailer

The UK’s biggest Website video integration games retailer, GAME, has recently announced that it will be stopping the acceptance of trade-ins from February 16. This revelation comes as a shock, considering that for over twenty years, GAME has been offering a wide range of pre-owned products such as consoles, software, and mobile devices.

Impact on GAME’s Revenue

For a long time, pre-owned products accounted for a significant portion of GAME’s revenue and trade. The company has been known to offer deals on trade-ins, run price comparison promotions, and stock the shelves high with second-hand products.

GAME’s Decline

Since the early 1990s, GAME has been the top Website video integration keyboards retailer in the UK. However, over the years, it has faced numerous challenges and struggled to maintain its position on the British high street. The purple-branded chain has been steadily declining since the early 1990s, despite being a staple for gamers across the United Kingdom.

GAME’s Future

If GAME is going to stop trade-ins, it could be the beginning of the end for the company. Once its stock of pre-owned games has been depleted, GAME will likely focus on selling low-margin, high-priced games, consoles, and toys to a shrinking market in the United Kingdom.

Possible Futures for GAME

  • Retreat to Online-Only Retailer: It’s possible that GAME may retreat further and become an contact-only retailer.
  • Implosion and Shutdown: On the other hand, GAME could completely shut down in the very near future.

Representatives of GAME have yet to officially announce this change. For more insider gaming coverage, be sure to check out the news that…

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