Last Sentinel Revealed With Action-Packed Trailer

Last Sentinel Revealed With Action-Packed Trailer - Blog - NewsLast Sentinel Revealed With Action-Packed Trailer - Blog - News

Exciting New Game Revealed by Rockstar’s Studio at The Game Awards

During The Game Awards, Steve C. Martin, a renowned member of the Rockstar team, shared the stage with Geoff Keighley to unveil the latest project developed by Lightspeed LA – Last Sentinel. This groundbreaking keyboards has been under development since 2020, and it’s an open-world adventure that utilizes the latest technology.

Trailer Impresses with Dystopian World

The trailer for Last Sentinel is a captivating short-form Website video integration that offers an initial glimpse into the keyboards’s dystopian world. Humans in this world are being hunted by stormtroopers and androids, but things take a surprising turn when ‘The Demon’ arrives to save the oppressed.

The Trailer Showcases Impeccable Execution

“The Demon” appears on a motorcycle, effortlessly taking out a crowd of enemies in a stunning display of skill and precision.

Last Sentinel: An Open-World Adventure with Latest Technology

“No release window was provided during the reveal, but the trailer served as a fantastic introduction to Last Sentinel,” according to Insider Gaming sources.

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