5 Funniest GTA Cars Ever

5 Funniest GTA Cars Ever - Blog - News5 Funniest GTA Cars Ever - Blog - News

Top 5 Funniest GTA Cars:

1. Tornado Rat Rod: An unusual-looking vehicle with a rusted muscle car back half and an unfinished front end featuring an engine. Originally available for $348,000 (now inaccessible), this weird addition to GTA Online kept things fresh during Rockstar Games’ phase of adding unique vehicles.
2. BF Raptor: A trike resembling half a car with a wheel attached to the back, added in 2016 for $648,000 (now inaccessible). Unfortunately removed during the San Andreas Mercenaries update.
3. Space Docker: A vehicle great for off-road driving and found in GTA 5. Unlockable by finding all spaceship parts as Franklin, it can be transferred to other characters in GTA Online after discovering its location outside of Franklin’s home.
4. Zebra Cab: A variation of traditional cabs found in Vice City, available during the Kauffman Cabs missions where the owner attempts to kill players. After completing the final cab mission, it spawns outside the cab office and can be driven anytime.
5. Alex’s Dog’z Hotdog: Based on the VW Bus Vanagon, these vehicles sell hotdogs to CJ, replenishing his health. Featuring a crude tagline of “1 Foot of Pure Meat,” this vehicle adds humor to the GTA series.

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