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A Closer Look at Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – From Development to Innovations

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Released in 2004 for PlayStation 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas revolutionized the popular video game franchise. With two years of development time, compared to the single year seen in its predecessor, Vice City, the developers aimed for innovative improvements and meaningful changes.

Development Challenges

A major challenge faced by the development team was introducing RPG elements to the game. As players consumed food, CJ (the protagonist) would become too heavy and unable to perform certain actions in missions.

Implementing the Three Cities of Los Santos

“We had a meeting where 3 people wanted the cities to be on different maps,” said Obbe Vermeij, former Rockstar North technical director. However, after discussing the issue with a fifth member of the decision team, it was decided that all cities would be on one map for better gameplay.

Development Strategies

To manage the development process, Rockstar hired more developers and brought over the team from Manhunt. With around 80 developers working on San Andreas, this allowed for a smoother development process.

Insights from Obbe Vermeij

“For most of the time development was manageable,” commented Vermeij. However, he acknowledged that a good stretch of crunch was required to complete the game. To alleviate stress, Rockstar provided meals for those working late.


The development of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas showcased the importance of thoughtful decision-making, team collaboration, and proper management to create a successful gaming experience.

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