Did The Day Before Copy Other Games For Its Trailer?

Did The Day Before Copy Other Games For Its Trailer? - Blog - NewsDid The Day Before Copy Other Games For Its Trailer? - Blog - News

The Day Before Developer Fntastic Faces Controversy Over Trailer Copying

The video game community recently witnessed a controversy involving The Day Before developer Fntastic, as a YouTube user named Randomly accused the studio of copying trailer elements from other popular games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Cyberpunk 2077, and Red Dead Redemption 2. In a video that showcases the similarities in voices and phrasing, Randomly claims The Day Before trailer copied aspects from these other trailers.

Similarities Between Trailers

Throughout the video, several instances are highlighted where similar phrases and statements appear in both The Day Before trailer and other games’ trailers. One example is when the The Day Before trailer states, “Welcome to the next generation of post-apocalyptic MMO open-world survival games like never before. Immerse yourself in The Day Before.” This same phrasing can be found in the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer.

Grand Theft Auto V Comparison

Another point in the video compares The Day Before trailer with the Grand Theft Auto V trailer, both asserting that they are trying to “reimagine” open-world games.

Fntastic Response

Insider Gaming reached out to Fntastic for a comment on the accusations. If a response is received, this article will be updated accordingly.

The Day Before’s Release

The Day Before is scheduled to release in Early Access on Steam on December 7, and it remains to be seen whether Fntastic will address the accusations or not.

User Opinion

“It’s hard to say whether it’s a clear copy or just a coincidence,” says one user. “Either way, The Day Before should be held to the same standards as these other big-name games.”


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