GTA 5 Database Leak Mentions Unreleased DLC and Bully 2

GTA 5 Database Leak Mentions Unreleased DLC and Bully 2 - Blog - NewsGTA 5 Database Leak Mentions Unreleased DLC and Bully 2 - Blog - News

GTA 5 Database Leak Reveals Unreleased DLC and Bully 2

A recent small Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) database leak has potentially uncovered unreleased content for the game as well as information about another Rockstar franchise, Bully 2. The file contains a string referencing Bully 2, which was in active development for over two years before being halted by the company. Although Rockstar has not made any direct mention of the series since then, fans have held onto hope that a sequel might eventually be released.

In addition to the reference to Bully 2, the leaked files also mention numerous unreleased features for GTA 5’s Cops N’ Crooks mode. These include roles such as “Enforcer,” “Soldier,” and “Hacker.” The mode was never officially announced by Rockstar but had been planned for years. However, its development was ultimately put on hold following the death of George Floyd in 2020.

The existence of these leaked files raises questions about the future of GTA 5 and Rockstar’s other gaming projects. Many fans are eager to see if a sequel to Bully 2 will be announced in the coming months or years, while others may be more interested in learning more about the unreleased DLC for Cops N’ Crooks mode. For insider insights on gaming and the latest developments, stay tuned to Insider Gaming for more updates.

By Paul Will

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