GTA’s Publisher Thinks Longer Games Should Cost More

GTA’s Publisher Thinks Longer Games Should Cost More - Blog - NewsGTA’s Publisher Thinks Longer Games Should Cost More - Blog - News

SE Mr. Zelnick Explains Take-Two’s Proposal for Game Pricing

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, has recently spoken about a potential pricing model for video games. In an interview, he revealed that gamers may be charged more for longer games based on their expected entertainment usage.

The New Pricing System

“If a game is longer and players are expected to enjoy it more, they would be charged more for that game,” Zelnick explained. This concept addresses the issue of low frontline prices in gaming.

Impact on Future Games

“If Grand Theft Auto 6 were released under this system, it would likely have a price tag in the hundreds of dollars,” speculated an insider. This is due to the expansive nature of the game.

Limitations of Publisher Impact

“Zelnick made it clear that publishers do not have the inherent ability to impact recommended retail prices,” the insider added. “Even if they wanted to, this is outside of their control.”

What This Means for Players

“However, this may change the way developers design and market their games,” the insider speculated. “They might have to consider the length of the game more carefully in order to maintain a balance between entertainment value and pricing.”

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