The Finals Playtest Soars In Popularity As Servers Hit Capacity

The Finals Playtest Soars In Popularity As Servers Hit Capacity - Blog - NewsThe Finals Playtest Soars In Popularity As Servers Hit Capacity - Blog - News

The Finals’ Open Beta: Exciting Debut Shooter Takes the Gaming World by Storm

Just two days ago, The Finals’ open beta hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms, causing a massive surge in demand. Steam experienced maximum capacity as more than 250,000 players flooded into The Finals Playtest for Embark Studios’ debut shooter.

Chaotic Fusion of Gaming Heritage

The Finals aims to innovate by offering a perfectly chaotic fusion of various games that have come before. Embark Studios has been forced to communicate with players, urging them to take things slower due to the overwhelming number of competitors joining The Finals Playtest.

Steam’s Peak Concurrent Player Count

As of the time of writing, The Finals Playtest holds a peak concurrent player count on Steam at over 250,000. Its popularity surpasses well-known titles such as Baldur’s Gate 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

Ongoing Server Issues

However, the rapid rise to popularity also presents challenges. The servers are struggling with ongoing issues, leading some players to be disconnected from games, resulting in match suspensions. Despite this issue, Embark Studios acknowledges the situation by stating that it is a beta and aims to fix these problems.

Embark Studios’ Stance

“This is a beta, and the point of this beta is to fix stuff like this,” said one member of staff from Embark in a statement on Discord. “Short, sharp, and honest.”

Join the Gaming Adventure Today!

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