10 Best DLCs Ever Released

10 Best DLCs Ever Released - Blog - News10 Best DLCs Ever Released - Blog - News

The Best Game DLCs: A Showcase of Memorable Expansions

Gaming enthusiasts know that a great game title becomes even better when it’s accompanied by fantastic post-launch content, often in the form of top-notch DLC (downloadable content). These DLCs can range from a few missions to an entire sub-campaign spanning ten or fifteen hours in length. In this article, we explore and discuss the best DLCs ever released, determining once and for all which game expansions are truly exceptional.

Blood and Wine: The Perfect End to The Witcher 3

Blood and Wine serves as a fitting send-off for The Witcher 3, taking place long after the main story is completed. This expansion also allows players to experience Geralt of Rivia’s retirement in style.

Point Lookout: A Creepy Fallout DLC

Fallout fans will appreciate the eerie setting of Point Lookout, a foggy backwoods county infested with mutants. It was one of the largest expansions by Bethesda Game Studios at that time and offered an expansive, open-world map along with hours of extra content.

Left Behind: An Emotional Addition to The Last of Us

In the emotionally-charged expansion Left Behind, players delve into Ellie’s backstory and explore her journey before becoming infected with Cordyceps in The Last of Us.

Burial at Sea: A Haunting BioShock Infinite DLC

The two-part DLC, Burial at Sea, transports players back to the in-game ‘multiverse’ of BioShock Infinite, taking them on a thrilling adventure through Rapture.

Dragonborn: An Epic Skyrim DLC

In this massive expansion, players embark on a perilous journey through the dangerous landscape of Solstheim to face an ancient dragon priest.

Nuka-World: A Fallout 4 DLC with Grand Finale

Though technically an add-on to Fallout 4, Nuka-World stands out as one of the best DLCs due to its ability to serve as a perfect endgame.

Freedom Cry: A Memorable Supporting Character Story

Adéwalé, a supporting character from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, receives her own standalone expansion in Freedom Cry. Players follow the adventurous journey of this former slave turned pirate turned assassin.

Blood Dragon: A Synth-Fueled Stunner

Rex ‘Power’ Colt takes command in this standout DLC, fighting through a synth-wave-themed world that’s large and fun to explore.

Undead Nightmare: The Red Dead Redemption Zombie Outbreak

Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare is a legendary expansion that introduced unique multiplayer modes.

The Ballad of Gay Tony: A Memorable Single-Player Expansion

Grand Theft Auto’s The Ballad of Gay Tony offers a full exploration of the map as a new character, with parallel storylines that differentiate it from the main game. It also includes additional side jobs, minigames, and vehicles in multiplayer modes.

Which DLCs do you think deserve a spot on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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