Netflix Wants The GTA Franchise on its Platform, Says Report

Netflix Wants The GTA Franchise on its Platform, Says Report - Blog - NewsNetflix Wants The GTA Franchise on its Platform, Says Report - Blog - News

Netflix in Talks to Obtain Grand Theft Auto License for Mobile Platform

A recent Wall Street Journal report reveals that Netflix has been in discussions with Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games to acquire the license for Grand Theft Auto on its platform. According to sources, Netflix plans to release a game within the popular action-adventure series from Take-Two Interactive Software through a licensing deal.

The deal is not for a new game developed by Netflix but rather the rights to offer Grand Theft Auto games on its platform, likely including GTA 6.

Netflix’s Focus on Mobile Games

In addition to Grand Theft Auto, Netflix is focusing on mobile games and plans to launch a variety of titles on its platform in the coming months. These include “Squid Game,” a Korean thriller, “Wednesday,” a supernatural comedy, and games based on Extraction, its Sherlock Holmes series, and Black Mirror, its popular science fiction series.

Community Reacts to Netflix’s Acquisition Plans

The gaming community has mixed reactions to the news of Netflix acquiring Grand Theft Auto license. Some are excited about the possibility of streaming popular titles on a platform they already use, while others question the decision to focus so heavily on mobile games.

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