Top 10 Things GTA 6 Should Bring Back

Top 10 Things GTA 6 Should Bring Back - Blog - NewsTop 10 Things GTA 6 Should Bring Back - Blog - News

Top 10 Things GTA 6 Should Bring Back

GTA VI Wishlist: A list of eagerly anticipated features for the highly anticipated sequel to Grand Theft Auto VI.

1. Realistic Physics: Improve upon the physics realism of GTA IV, making cars and NPCs feel more weighty and realistic.

2. Customizable Protagonist: Revive the customization options from San Andreas, allowing players to adjust their character’s appearance more than in previous titles.

3. Job Profiles: Introduce additional job roles like firefighters, paramedics, and police officers for players to pursue, unlocking bonuses along the way.

4. Gang Wars: Enable players to take over entire in-game map areas and defend them, similar to the gang wars introduced in GTA San Andreas.

5. Post-Launch Content: Provide additional content for players after the initial release, addressing the lack of post-launch updates in GTA V.

6. Business Investment: Allow players to purchase and customize properties, similar to buying businesses in GTA Online, as seen in GTA VI’s predecessor.

7. Diverse Criminal Activities: Introduce a wider range of criminal activities for players to engage in, such as burglary and robbery.

8. Entertaining Activities: Bring back fun activities like bowling alleys, nightclubs, and comedy clubs, adding to the sense of life in Liberty City.

9. Upgradable Hand-to-Hand Combat: Reintroduce realistic hand-to-hand combat skills that can be improved over time, similar to the ex-military protagonist in GTA IV.

10. Kooky Cheat Codes: Bring back the fun and entertaining cheat codes from GTA San Andreas, providing players with an additional layer of customization options.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on speculation and assumptions about GTA VI, as official announcements have not been made by Rockstar Games.

By Paul Will

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