10-Year-Old GTA Online Beta is Discovered, Shows Cut Features

10-Year-Old GTA Online Beta is Discovered, Shows Cut Features - Blog - News10-Year-Old GTA Online Beta is Discovered, Shows Cut Features - Blog - News

Exploring the Rare GTA Online Beta through Emulation

Twitter user KimiSha19 has shared an incredible 10-year-old GTA Online beta that appears to be largely forgotten by the gaming community. By using an emulation platform on PC, KimiSha19 managed to access a pre-release build of Grand Theft Auto Online specifically designed for Xbox 360.

In a 10-minute video uploaded to YouTube, we get an exclusive look at this now-ancient GTA Online beta. The footage showcases its old bugs and quirks but also hints at a genuinely intriguing product that has largely been forgotten by time.

Since the video’s release, many other users have started exploring the pre-release version of GTA Online beta in search of hidden secrets and cut content. Some interesting findings include an all-new logo and various pieces of revealed content.

Interestingly, the GTA Online beta can be played with friends – a testament to the game’s core mechanics and enjoyable gameplay despite its many shortcomings. As players continue to use the Xenia emulation platform, more and more discoveries are being made about this long-forgotten GTA Online beta. Stay tuned for further updates on this fascinating exploration.

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