All Grand Theft Auto Protagonists Ranked

All Grand Theft Auto Protagonists Ranked - Blog - NewsAll Grand Theft Auto Protagonists Ranked - Blog - News

Grand Theft Auto: Legends of the Franchise

Niko Bellic: As the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko Bellic broke new ground for the series. He’s a mysterious and storied character with a background that players desire to learn more about. His journey through Liberty City is monumental, going from being an immigrant fresh off the deck of a cargo boat to being a respected and revered criminal presence in the city.

Ranking the Best Grand Theft Auto Protagonists

  1. Claude: Arguably the most impactful Grand Theft Auto protagonist ever, Claude ushered in a new generation of gaming with the introduction of Grand Theft Auto III.
  2. Tommy Vercetti: Emerging as one of the most ruthless and headstrong characters in the GTA series, Tommy Vercetti is an iconic PlayStation 2-era character.
  3. Franklin Clinton: With remarkable talents that made him shine in Grand Theft Auto V, Franklin Clinton became a legend of the streets.
  4. Niko Bellic: Niko’s honorable nature and likeability, even when he’s on a rampage to protect his family, make him the best Grand Theft Auto protagonist in the series.
  5. Carl Johnson: A die-hard family man and ruthless fighter with a heart of gold, Carl Johnson is an iconic Grand Theft Auto protagonist.
  6. Johnny Klebitz: A part of the Grand Theft Auto IV saga, Johnny took center stage in The Lost and Damned as a member of an outlaw motorcycle club.
  7. Trevor Philips: One of the most entertaining Grand Theft Auto protagonists, Trevor’s unhinged nature made for some hilarious situations while showcasing his exceptional marksmanship skills.
  8. Tony Cipriani: A driving force in the Leone Crime Family based in Liberty City, Tony Cipriani is a talented combatant and an example of someone who balances being a family man and a made man.
  9. Michael De Santa: A skilled criminal and master thief, Michael is also charismatic and recognizes the need to help youngsters develop into something greater.
  10. Vic Vance: Although not as memorable as some of the other protagonists, Vic Vance’s journey in Vice City and subsequent appearance in Vice City Stories added depth to his character.

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