Someone Got GTA 5 Running On Nintendo Switch

Someone Got GTA 5 Running On Nintendo Switch - Blog - NewsSomeone Got GTA 5 Running On Nintendo Switch - Blog - News

Revolutionizing the Nintendo Switch: Running Grand Theft Auto 5

The gaming world recently witnessed an extraordinary feat as a tech YouTuber named Geekerwan managed to launch and run Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Nintendo Switch, albeit in an unplayable state. In this article, we explore the incredible transformation of the Nintendo Switch into a hybrid device capable of running other operating systems and various games like Titanfall 2, Devil May Cry 5, God of War, and Grand Theft Auto 5.

[The Hacked Nintendo Switch]
Geekerwan’s innovative approach involved installing an Android operating system on the Nintendo Switch, turning it into a typical tablet-like device. However, when Linux was installed, the Switch morphed into a micro gaming PC, resembling a Steam Deck. This unique configuration enabled Geekerwan to test various games on the hardware that initially posed challenges.

[Performance Challenges]
While some games, such as God of War and Titanfall 2, performed relatively well on the hacked Nintendo Switch, achieving crisp graphics and smooth frames per second (FPS), others like Grand Theft Auto 5 faced significant hurdles. Set to run at a 720p resolution with low settings, the game managed to dip as low as 3-4 FPS in some scenes but, impressively, it still ran.

[The Future of Nintendo Switch Gaming]
This achievement raises intriguing questions about the potential future of other popular Call of Duty games like Modern Warfare II and Warzone on the Nintendo Switch. Although it’s not an official solution, this concept might seem far-fetched given how some of these games run on the hacked Switch – especially considering the size and scope of games like Warzone.

Geekerwan’s video showcasing the Nintendo Switch running a hacked operating system with Linux offers a fascinating glimpse into the device’s potential. While the performance of certain games remains suboptimal, it’s clear that further exploration and experimentation in this realm could lead to exciting advancements for Nintendo Switch gaming enthusiasts.

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