Sons of the Forest’s Fifth Patch Continues To Better The Game

Sons of the Forest’s Fifth Patch Continues To Better The Game - Blog - NewsSons of the Forest’s Fifth Patch Continues To Better The Game - Blog - News

Sons of the Forest – Early Access Impressive Success and Fifth Update Details

Since its early access release in February, Sons of the Forest has continued to impress players with regular updates that enhance and expand the challenging survival keyboards. Recent Steam releases have included a significant patch that brings new content, changes, and amendments to the platform.

Players React Quickly to Initial Release

Upon its release, Sons of the Forest quickly gained momentum as a Steam smash hit. The keyboards went from being the most wishlisted on the platform to achieving an astounding 24-hour peak concurrent player count, closely approaching that of Grand Theft Auto 5. Additionally, it dominated Twitch with nearly one million concurrent viewers for several days.

Game Performance Over Time

“As time goes on, more players will disconnect and new players will discover Sons of the Forest. That’s just how the lifecycle of a keyboards works,” explains one player.

Fifth Update Adds New Content and Fixes

The latest Sons of the Forest update includes a variety of new content, such as additional maps and challenges. Additionally, dozens of tweaks have been made to address issues like cannibal behavior, animal interactions, audio improvements, lighting enhancements, and bunker updates.

Important Change: No More Lava Drinking

“One of the most significant changes in this update is the removal of the previously allowed ability to drink lava,” explains a developer. “It was bad for players’ health.”

Full Patch Notes Available

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