Steam Deck’s Most Played Games Revealed for March 2023

Steam Deck’s Most Played Games Revealed for March 2023 - Blog - NewsSteam Deck’s Most Played Games Revealed for March 2023 - Blog - News

Most Played Games on Steam Deck in March: A Surprise List

On Twitter, a recent post revealed the most-played games on the Steam Deck during the month of March. This list offers valuable insights into the processing and playing power of Valve’s handheld console, as well as the popularity of certain titles.

Surprising Features on the List

  • Games are ranked by the number of hours played.
  • Unpredictable appearances of some titles.

Some major games that made the list include:

Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V, and Elden Ring

No Man’s Sky, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Skyrim

Hogwarts Legacy, Vampire Survivors

It’s also noteworthy that some older titles made the list:

Fallout 4, Skyrim, and Stardew Valley

Recently released “Resident Evil 4” is also on the list.

The Steam Deck’s Growing Popularity

As the handheld console gains popularity, more tech giants are entering the market. Asus recently revealed their entry into this sector, sparking discussions about a potential resurgence in handheld gaming.

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