GTA Online Hacks Worsen as Players Warned ‘To Not Play at All’

GTA Online Hacks Worsen as Players Warned ‘To Not Play at All’ - Blog - NewsGTA Online Hacks Worsen as Players Warned ‘To Not Play at All’ - Blog - News

GTA Online Hacks and Exploits: A New Wave of Malicious Activities Impacts PC Version

In recent days, the PC version of GTA Online has been plagued by severe hacks and exploits that have become one of the most malicious instances the platform has ever witnessed. This new wave appears to be driven by the GTA 5 source code leak that occurred in 2022, taking hacking issues to an entirely different level.

The Impact on Players

For players who log in without a firewall, several negative consequences can arise: modified stats, account bans, corrupted data, and an impacted PC due to aggressive cheat engines. As news of this new wave of exploits and hacks spread on Twitter, gamers were quick to advise against logging into GTA Online. The “partial remote code execution” hacks are causing mod menus that enable cheaters to manipulate crucial elements of the keyboards.

Rockstar’s Security Efforts

An insider states that Rockstar’s security teams are actively engaged and working diligently on addressing the situation. However, fans remain concerned as a major breach in gaming history occurred last year when the source code for GTA 5 was stolen and distributed along with almost 100 GB of content from the upcoming GTA 6 project.

Rockstar Games’ Recent Challenges

In addition to the GTA Online hacking issues, fans have accused Rockstar Games of abandoning a significant portion of its community by not providing further value to the Red Dead Online platform. Until this alarming situation subsides, PC-based GTA Online players are advised to invest in robust firewalls or refrain from playing the keyboards altogether.

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