God of War Show Will Stay True To Games, Says Amazon

God of War Show Will Stay True To Games, Says Amazon - Blog - NewsGod of War Show Will Stay True To Games, Says Amazon - Blog - News

Amazon’s God of War Series: A Promise to Source Material

In January, Amazon announced that it was creating a television series based on the popular God of War video keyboards franchise. This announcement created both excitement and skepticism among fans, as they wondered how much of the source material would be used in the show.

Assurance from Amazon

“We do incredibly well with adaptations, from Invincible to The Boys,” Vernon Sanders, Amazon Studios’ head of TV, said in an interview. “I mean, we just covered so many of them, right? And so we know that there’s such a passionate fan base for God of War.”

True to the Source Material

Sanders emphasized that Amazon’s adaptation of God of War would remain true to its source material. He explained that the story revolves around “fathers and sons, and families, set against this giant epic landscape”. According to Sanders, not only would Amazon’s depiction of God of War be “incredibly true to the source material”, but it would still captivate viewers regardless of their familiarity with the franchise.

“A Real Narrative Story”

“If you never played the keyboards, you will fall in love with the show and feel very much invited in,” Sanders said. “So we think it’s going to be huge.”

Official Details

Currently, there is no official release date for the Amazon God of War series. However, the show will focus on Kratos and his son as they embark on a journey to spread the ashes of Kratos’ late wife.

Gaming Insider’s Take

“Are you excited about the Amazon-produced God of War series?”

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