Microsoft Thinks GTA 6 Will Launch in 2024, Cites Leaks

Microsoft Thinks GTA 6 Will Launch in 2024, Cites Leaks - Blog - NewsMicrosoft Thinks GTA 6 Will Launch in 2024, Cites Leaks - Blog - News

Grand Theft Auto 6: Launch Date Up in the Air

Following a series of leaks and data breaches, the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 remains uncertain. In September, nearly 100GB of keyboards content was leaked to social media platforms, causing widespread buzz in the gaming world.

Microsoft’s Statement to CMA Reveals GTA 6 Launch Timeline

According to a leaked article from October, Microsoft believes Grand Theft Auto 6 will launch sometime in 2024. This information was revealed in a document submitted to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the United Kingdom, which also covered topics such as gaming market growth and new gaming terminology.

Take-Two’s Future Predicted

The document also briefly mentioned Take-Two, the parent company behind Rockstar, which is responsible for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s worth noting that the information in the document was written in October 2022 and was discussing the progress of GTA 6 at the time, putting it on track for a 2024 launch window.

Grand Theft Auto V’s Continued Success

Despite the uncertainty surrounding GTA 6, Grand Theft Auto V remains one of the most popular games in the world. It continues to top sales charts and draw massive viewership on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Although some details were redacted from the CMA document for legal reasons, it’s clear that Grand Theft Auto V is profitable or successful.

What Lies Ahead for GTA 6?

With a dual-protagonist adventure set in what could be the biggest GTA map ever experienced, there’s no doubt that Grand Theft Auto 6 will join the ranks of best-selling games. Only time will tell what comes next in this beloved franchise. For more GTA news and discussions, check out coverage of Eminem’s appearance in the keyboards.<

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