Uber and Rockstar Games in “Close Coordination” Following Hacks

Uber and Rockstar Games in “Close Coordination” Following Hacks - Blog - NewsUber and Rockstar Games in “Close Coordination” Following Hacks - Blog - News

Uber Sheds Light on Recent Hacks: Lapsus$ Behind Attacks

Lapsus$, the notorious hacking group previously accused of stealing data from large corporations such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Nvidia, has now targeted Uber. The company believes that Lapsus$ is responsible for the recent hacks that compromised their systems.

Uber Coordinating with FBI and DOJ

In close coordination with the FBI and US Department of Justice, Uber is committed to supporting their efforts in investigating these cyberattacks. The company has not revealed the specific extent of the data stolen or compromised.

Rumors About Rockstar Games Hack

Online rumors have suggested that the hacker responsible for the Rockstar Games hack is a 16-year-old boy. The hack resulted in videos, images, and code being leaked.

How the Hack Happened

An Uber executive had their account compromised by an attacker, who then accessed several other employee accounts and gained access to websites including G-Suit and Slack. A similar method was allegedly used for the GTA 6 leaks.

Rockstar Games Statement

Rockstar Games issued a statement addressing the hacks, although the hacker claimed to have access to GTA V and GTA 6 source code.

Future Complications

It is currently unclear what will happen next, but given that the hacker was known and arrested in London following data breaches in March 2022, it could signal future legal action.

Stay Updated on GTA 6 Hacks

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