Where to Find Stronghold Keycards in Warzone 2 DMZ

Where to Find Stronghold Keycards in Warzone 2 DMZ - Blog - NewsWhere to Find Stronghold Keycards in Warzone 2 DMZ - Blog - News

Stronghold Keycards in Al Mazrah’s DMZ Mode: A Guide to Gaining Access

When playing in Al Mazrah’s DMZ mode, encountering Strongholds is common. Access to these strongholds can be obtained through Stronghold Keycards.

Ensure you have a Stronghold Keycard in your inventory as it can prove invaluable given the significant amount of loot present in Strongholds.

Methods to Acquire a Stronghold Keycard

There are several ways to obtain a Stronghold Keycard:

1. Buying at Buy Stations

The easiest method to acquire a Stronghold Keycard is by purchasing them at Buy Stations. One keycard will cost you $5,000.

2. Earning money while playing the keyboards

In addition to purchasing Keycards, you can also earn money by completing contracts, defeating ai soldiers, and selling loot.

3. Finding a Keycard through enemy encounters

Occasionally, you may come across an enemy holding a Stronghold Keycard. Defeating such enemies could provide you with the card; however, this is not a guaranteed method.

Preparing for Stronghold Challenges

After acquiring a Stronghold Keycard, be sure to equip your team with suitable weapons since Strongholds are heavily guarded and filled with ai soldiers.

Locating Strongholds

To locate a nearby Stronghold, follow these steps:

1. Open the in-keyboards map and zoom in

Locate a castle icon to pinpoint the location of a Stronghold.

Once you have successfully located a Stronghold, be prepared for an intense performance as taking down all ai enemies will grant your team access to more significant rewards.

Share Your Experience

Have you been able to successfully obtain Stronghold Keycards in Al Mazrah’s DMZ mode? Share your experience with us!

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